Judgment Recovery Professionals Helping You:

Titan Judgment Recovery is a company dedicated to judgment enforcement and the recovery of unsatisfied judicial judgments nation wide. If you have been awarded a judgment but have been unable to enforce it, you are not alone. In fact, nearly 80% of ALL judgments are never collected or satisfied since enforcement is your responsibility. This is where Titan Judgment Recovery can help you. We have the ability to track down your debtor anywhere in the USA, if necessary, and legally uncover any assets he or she may have in order to satisfy your judgment.

Experience in Collecting Judgments:

If your judgment is $1,100 or more, we will use every resource necessary to recover the full judgment amount since the judgment award date. We have special access to private investigators, private and public databases, and other resources that enables us to skip-trace your debtor, even if he or she may be hiding. We also have knowledge of collection law in all 50 states which allow us to garnish wages, attach bank accounts and seize other assets as necessary allowed under law. All this is done without you ever having to confront your debtor.

No Risk, No Upfront Fees to You:

We do not charge either an application fee or any upfront fees of any kind. What we do is take each case on a contingency basis and purchase your judgment for a percentage we are able to collect from your debtor. Any legal expenses or other costs incurred during your judgment recovery are advanced by us. There is absolutely no risk involved. If we cannot collect your judgment, you do not pay. Simple as that.
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