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Titan Judgment Recovery realizes by the very nature of this business, those contemplating our services usually have several worthwhile questions to ask. These are the most asked questions by our customers. If you have any other questions, please call or email so that we may address your concerns.

How long does it take to get paid?

It all depends on the difficulty in locating the judgment debtor and in uncovering assets. Some debtors are pretty adept at hiding their assets. Some judgment debtors are “legal entities” and employ alter ego tactics as well. They appear to live or conduct business without any “normal” means of support. We will do our best to get results in the first few weeks, but it could take months or years (rarely) in a difficult case. Just keep in mind that judgment enforcement is a detailed process.

How, as a customer can I tell how the enforcement is proceeding?

You can request us to notify you monthly or quarterly the status of your case via email, telephone or by mail. If we do not have your email on file, please contact us and inform us, so we may be better able to update you. Otherwise we will notify you prior to payoff or satisfaction.

Why should I not use an Attorney to collect my judgment?

You can, if you are willing to put down a retainer, and pay a fee of between $175 and $225 per hour. Whether they ever recover anything or not, your retainer is spent. Granted, we know attorneys and have much respect for what they do. Our business models differ. We have attorneys as customers as well. When we enforce the judgment, we pay you per our purchase agreement. If we cannot after our best effort collect on your judgment, we re-assign it to you and part ways. Your total bill in this case would be 0. On pre-purchased cases, we agree upfront on price.

What is the minimum judgment amount you take?

We will evaluate for purchase any size judgment. If you have a court ordered judgment of aproximately $1,100.00 or more, we encourage you to fill in the on-line application for a free evaluation. There is no obligation and all information received is completely confidential.    Simply click here to complete the Online inquiry Application.

Is there a statute of limits on my judgment?

Yes. Each state has laws that sets a limit on how long a judgment is enforceable, called a Statute of Limitations. This period is usually from 5 to 20 years starting on the date your judgment was awarded. Some states provide a way of renewing your judgment for an additional period of time. In California this limit is 10 years, in Georgia it is 7 years from the date of entry, so it varies from state to state. This also extends to liens on real property as well.

How about using a Collection Agency?

A traditional collection agency may contact the debtor and irritate them to death. They may even place a black mark on their credit report. But, they rarely collect. Furthermore with the passage of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), the debtor has the right to just tell a third party debt collector to cease all communications where pre-judgment debt has been alleged. We, as the legal assignee of record, are not affected by many provisions of the FDCPA relevant to pre-judgment debt. We are a “Specialized Collection Agency”. We can move against the judgment debtor legally, locate assets and seize them to the enforce the judgment even if they object.

Is there any guarantee that you will be successful?

No. Sometimes there are simply no assets to seize or the debtor is successfully granted a discharge in bankruptcy. But you can be sure that we will do our best. If we are unable to enforce your judgment, we have to eat our expenses and on top of that we don’t get paid! This gives us strong incentive to succeed.

Must I pay a retainer or will I pay any enforcement fees?

We do not take a trust or require a retainer to start enforcing your judgment if accepted on a contingency basis. We are not an attorney firm. We are “Certified Judgment Enforcement Specialists”. We do however use our own attorneys when necessary, again at no direct cost to our customers. The only expense that you “may” have to pay for in this process is the cost of a notary public to confirm your signature on legal documents. (One time cost) Most of our customers use their banks as a notary is usually on the payroll.

Do you pay for referrals?

Yes we do! Those who refer others who become customers are eligible to receive 2-5% of the net money Titan Judgment Recovery makes on the case. It does not matter whether the referrer is a current customer of the firm or not. This is worth some serious thought. For taking the time to suggest our services to a friend or business acquaintance, you could make several hundred or even thousand dollars passively.

I have a judgment awarded in one state but the debtor moved to another state. Is it enforceable?

In most cases, yes. Especially if the judgment debtor answered the summons or made an appearance at the hearing. If the judgment debtor didn’t appear, the judgment is called a default judgment which is usually considered a weaker judgment. If the debtor is able to show the court that they were not properly served, or served in the wrong capacity, they may file a motion asking the court to set aside the judgment. Of course we would oppose any such motion.

It seems like a lot. How does all of this work?

First, we complete an agreement detailing the specifics of the purchase of your judgment. (Contingent or purchase outright) If acceptable, you will then assign the judgment to us making us the assignee of record. (OCGA 9-12-21) Once we have filed the assignment documents with the court, we will have the legal right to investigate the judgment debtor and proceed with the process of enforcement. We will then make payment to you based on the funds recovered from the judgment debtor, per our agreement. (If on contingency)

Ok I am sold! What do I do now?

The process is easy. Simply click here to complete the Online inquiry Application. You may also either fax, mail, or email us a copy of the “Entry of Judgment” with supporting documentation. We will contact you by telephone and then send the necessary documents over to you for your signature. On return of the signed documents, we will immediately initiate enforcement of the judgment.

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